How Well Can You See?

There is a sweet little lady who always sits up front at church and always wears a hat, no matter what the weather or event.  She looks to be in her late 80’s.  Being a hat person myself, I walked up to her one Sunday to complement her hat.  She laughed aloud and, with a smile and squeeze of my hand, pulled me closer and told me she was going blind and wore hats to cut down on the glare so she could see the preacher better.  When I expressed sympathy, she laughed again and told me she was fine, she just does things a little different now.  Her glow and joy was contagious.  Before I left, she pulled me closer and, in the manner of one about th share a delightful secret, this beautiful person continued smiling as she told me she won’t recognize me again in the future unless I’m wearing the same dress.  Then she laughed and turned to the next person.

This lady was mostly blind and yet, she could see so much more than I could with my younger eyes.  How funny that an experience regarding eye sight provided an experience for insight.

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