Jim Poore’s Story

I had finally given up on trying to

lose weight on my own. I had weighed as much as 650 pounds at one time in my life, and

when a last-ditch effort to lose weight on my own failed once again, I decided that I

would have no choice but to have gastric-bypass surgery. This was not an easy decision for

me, but after years of yo-yo dieting and numerous failed attempts at just about every diet

there was on the market, I believed I had no other option. Although I was scared to death

of the thought of having the surgery, I was desperate and had big reasons “why”

other than for just for my own health and well being, those reasons being my wife Barbi

and our daughter Britney, who was not quite a year old at that time.

My weight problem was affecting me

both physically as well as emotionally. I had developed sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and

severe swelling in my feet and ankles that made it difficult for me to walk and be able to

do the everyday things most people take for granted. The severe pain I had in my lower

back kept me from doing the one thing that meant the most to me, and that was to simply be

able to hold my daughter Britney in my arms. At this time I weighed 615 pounds and my

waist alone measured 80 1/2 inches around. I was awaiting approval of the surgery from our

insurance company when I was introduced to these unbelievable products and decided to try

them instead of going through with the operation. I credit these products for saving my

life and giving me a bright future to look forward to. I am so thankful I chose to give them

a try instead of the surgery.

I got started right away on the

Ultimate Program along with the aloe drink, and in my first week alone I lost 28 pounds

and gained incredible energy.  In 3 weeks I had lost 50 pounds total, but most

important to me was that I could now finally lie down to sleep at night and breathe

regularly.  In less than 2 years’ time, my life has totally changed in incredible ways

that words alone cannot describe.  I have now lost a total of 410 pounds on the

products, almost 4 feet off my waist alone and well over 200 total inches. I now wear a

size 34 pants! My health problems have totally cleared up, I feel great, and I will keep

this weight off for the rest of my life!

The best part of this now is that I

can not only hold my daughter in my arms, but I run and play with her and do the things

that before I could only dream of doing. My hopes of success have become a reality and now

I am able to be the father for her that before I had only dreamed of being.

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