Ensures  important personal
information is always acceptable even if its lost or stolen…Access your important travel
and personal documents while traveling.

В• Comprehensive personal information from one confidential
   convenient source.

В• Store copies of everything you carry in your wallet and

В• Keeps images of credit cards, drivers license, passports,
  car registration, long distance calling card, eyeglass
  prescription, travel membership cards, health insurance I.D.
  even car alarm instructions…you decide…

В• Up to six pages of images can be kept on file for access at

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Rapid access to
records professionals toll free, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Imagine if your wallet were ever lost or stolen…Time is of the
essence! TravelSAFE ensures your records are available within minutes of your toll
free call. Using state-of-the-art technology and trained records administrators.
can provide you with your information so that you don’t waste time and
money trying to remember what lost

The TravelSAFE Call Centre can be reached from anywhere in the
world, and is available 24 hours a day. Call Centre specialists are on hand to safely
release your information by fax, or verbally over the phone to you, or to individuals you
authorize. For consumers that travel, whether the United States or not , TravelSAFE
provides a peace of mind as vital information can be accessed no matter when or where the
need arises.


TravelSAFE is secure and
confidential. With TravelSAFE, the member determines what information is stored,
and with home it is shared. TravelSAFE has a complete system of security controls,
including personal identification number to ensure that records are released only with the
member’s authorization.

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