Why is Respite Careneeded by Caregiver?

It is a fact, not very well known, that governments save vast amounts of money when family members volunteer to care for a relative. It can be a husband or wife looking after a spouse or it could be a parent looking after a child or even a middle aged child looking after aged parents. To have someone who needs care placed in a facility or institution imposes a financial burden upon the relevant government authority. But if the person in care is able to remain in their own home and be looked after by a relative, the cost to the government is far less.

But when an untrained family member takes on the responsibility of caring for a loved one, there can be a detrimental effect on the health of the person providing the care. They may have little or no training in attending to the daily needs of their patients. They may find their previous life with its social activities and more is no longer able to be enjoyed. The physical and/or mental health of the person providing the care can suffer.

This is where ” comes into its own. It is called respite care because it provides relief or rest or respite for the care giver. It might be for only a day or a weekend or longer such as a week or fortnight. It means that someone with the necessary skills can fill in for the caregiver.

The person requiring care gets expert attention and a family member can go away perhaps on a holiday and relax knowing that their duties are being professionally performed in their absence. Respite care is vitally important because it looks after the person who’s been doing the looking after. And let’s face it, without the caregivers society would be much the poorer.


Kentucky Yaz Lawyer | Kentucky Yaz Lawsuit

A popular prescription contraceptive, Yaz has been the focus of legal controversy, as women using the drug have reported a number of serious health consequences and side effects associated with the drug. Thousands of individual lawsuits have been filed against Yaz’s manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, concerning and alleging side effects to women ages 14 and older who had been prescribed the contraceptive. Additionally, the drug had been prescribed as a treatment for acne for some women.

Despite being subject to the standard clinical trials that most prescription drugs undergo, Yaz and its subsequent side effects could not be foreseen due to the problems involved in contraceptive testing, specifically with the lack of ability to test a placebo. Over the past few years, women have reported side effects such as stroke, pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis, gallbladder disease, heart attacks, and sudden death that have been linked to Yaz and similar drugs like Yasmin and Ocella.

Yaz Litigation in these Cities and Others

  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Owensboro
  • Bowling Green
  • Covington
  • Richmond
  • Hopkinsville
  • Henderson
  • Frankfort
  • Florence

Online Pharmacy Store

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FSA Administration Services – MedSoft Outsource Solutions

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В» Sudden Onset School Difficulty Dr David J Carey’s Blog


It is not uncommon to encounter parents of teenagers, or children in 5th/6th class, who discover their child is experiencing considerable academic difficulty, falling farther and farther behind in their school work, with no previous history of academic problems. This dynamic has been called by some “Hidden Disabilities”. I have written on the topic myself. Most of these children have been quite motivated to succeed in school and have doen well enough for many years. Suddenly, and without any environmental stressors, they begin to experience significant school related problems. Why is this?

If you think about the development of the human brain and realise that the frontal lobes, with all their neural systems designed to help us plan, organise, schedule time, attend and concentrate you get a real clue to what is going on. Match this brain development with the realiites of the primary school and its curriculum and most anyone will discover the reasons for the puzzling phenomanon.

The primary school curriculm is child friendly when it is taught properly and it can be developmentally appropriate in the junior cycle (again, when it is taught properly). Primary school teachers in the junior cycle and up to 4th class provide a lot of structure and support to children. They help them organise materials and resources, keep to time schedules and provide lots of reminders about deadlines. The curriculum in these years of primary school is realitively concrete and user friendly. All this changes in about 5th class. The curriculum begins to become more abstract, Teachers begin to withdraw extensive support in order to prepare children for the realities of secondary school.

It is the deepening complexity of the curriculum and the gradual withdraw of external support that begins to tax the brain. Neural systems can sometimes be slow to develop, especially in the boys. When this happens children find it more and more difficult to keep up with their work and to analyse and interpret the materials they are required to master. These two factors, brain development and weaker external supports, often create a cycle of school difficulty that gets deeper and deeper.

In the adolescent things are even more complext. By and large the human brain isn’t fully mature until the mid-twenties. The parts of the brain tha mature last are those responsible for planning, organisation and time keeping. In secondary school there are considerably fewer supports availble to students. Again, lack of external support and the normal pattern of brain growth make academic difficulties appear in some children.

Children and teens with sudden onset school difficulty require assessment. Far too often they are perceived as lazy or poorly motivated. A cycle of academic difficulty can certainly cause a student to lose self-confidence. It is important to recognise than when problems occur out of context a thorough assessment is essential to avoid secondary problems such as low self-esteem or behavioural difficulties which serve the pupose of masking a cognitive difficulty.

Cosmetic Surgery For Male Chest Reduction

There are a number of ways using which male chest reduction surgery could be performed.

For guys with man boobs, any procedure that is able to free them of the awkwardness is comfortable. The extent of their chest area increases because of the development of glandular tissue of their chest. One more cause is just a rise in fat storages in the chest region. Whatever may be the cause, male chest reduction can be mainly performed either thru fitness workouts or surgery.

Male Chest Reduction – The Surgical Option

Surgery is one of the most general option to reduce male boobs. This type of procedure needs that you first of all consult your family doctor and is quite delicate. Such an option can be attractive if performed by a skilled and qualified surgeon. It includes surgically eliminating the glandular tissue which are the main cause for boobs in men.

It is likely to leave a person with a long-lasting scar. For most individuals, no type of medical pain or fees can restrict them from undertaking this procedure if it has the ability to save them from laughter.

Chest Reduction Surgery – Why Is It Considered as a Cosmetic Procedure?

Till date, there are no understandable health effects which could come in your way because you’ve not undergone a surgery for reducing your chest. The fact is, the primary reason why most men consider this procedure a purely cosmetic surgery is because workouts are a more freely available option.

When you first meet your plastic surgeon for the consultation, the initial thing which arises is about your expectations from this cosmetic procedure. The doctor’s job will be then to tell you if this will be possible or not. For example, one can suffer from a very painful swelling effect right after the procedure. Nevertheless, after the swelling has improved, the person’s chest is likely be stable, properly shaped and much stronger.

Liposuction is among the most regularly used procedures for male chest reduction. An analgesic treatment of the patient’s chest region during the procedure makes it likely for additional fatty tissue to be eliminated thru a very small tube. Sometimes, there can be a requirement to eliminate some part of the glandular tissue from a person’s chest. Such an option must be discussed along with your doctor prior to the start of the surgery. After the liposuction procedure has been completed, the doctor makes incisions in such a way that creates a more shaped look after the healing period is finally over.

Pinnacle Health Group Announces Gold Partnership with National Rural Health Association

Atlanta, GA, April 2012—To a rural customer, business is personal. That’s why Pinnacle Health Group (PHG) is excited to announce a gold partnership with the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) as a way of strengthening relationships with rural healthcare providers.

The NRHA reviews and recommends candidates for the Corporate Partners program that have a proven track record of meeting the needs of rural health care providers.

As a full service placement firm with the motto, “we help bring healthcare to communities that need it,” PHG understands the unique challenges facing rural hospitals, clinics, physicians and mid-level providers.

Quincy Medical Group offers a variety of multiple-specialty healthcare services, including affiliated rural clinics throughout Western Illinois and Northeast Missouri regions. Jan Chaney, the Senior Director, Physician Recruitment and Retention for Quincy Medical Group said, “Pinnacle Health Group effectively utilized a targeted regional approach to assist us in placing the right physician for our facility in Mt. Sterling, IL. It takes someone who understands the unique dynamics of the rural market to really be effective in locating and placing the right healthcare provider.” Quincy Medical Group is just one of the rural healthcare providers served by PHG.

As a gold level partner, PHG has been invited to exhibit at the 35th Annual Rural Health Conference to be held in Denver, CO on April 17-18, 2012.

Good Health Acupuncture Oriental Medicine, Nancy Vieira, Vancouver WA

Nancy Vieira, Acupuncturist, Good Health Acupuncture Vancouver WANancy Vieira received her undergraduate degree in nursing in 1989 from Linfield Good Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing located in Portland Oregon. She achieved her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2005, and her acupuncture practice in 2006. She is licensed as an Acupuncturist and RN in both Washington and Oregon.

In the mid 1990’s Nancy developed chronic sinusitis, headaches, and asthmatic symptoms from chronic sinus infections. She suffered for several years as a result of the chronic inflammation. After two surgeries and minimal improvement she turned to acupuncture and oriental medicine. Initially a skeptic, her condition so improved she became sold on Oriental Medicine and its effectiveness in managing and treating many health conditions. Nancy returned to school in 2001 to learn oriental medicine because she wanted to help others achieve a better state of health through the use of this medicine.

Nancy has worked in diverse patient care settings in the hospital, clinic, and community. Her nursing background includes experience working in the areas of Gastrointestinal Health, Urology, Peri-operative nursing, Endosocpy, Cardiovascular, and Nursing Case Management. She has worked for Legacy Health System, Oregon Health Science University, and The Vancouver Clinic.

As a native of Portland Oregon, Nancy moved to Vancouver, WA. in 1996 She enjoys many outdoor activities and likes to stay active through exercise. Her passion is helping people improve their state of health, and thereby improving their quality of life!

Jim Poore’s Story

I had finally given up on trying to

lose weight on my own. I had weighed as much as 650 pounds at one time in my life, and

when a last-ditch effort to lose weight on my own failed once again, I decided that I

would have no choice but to have gastric-bypass surgery. This was not an easy decision for

me, but after years of yo-yo dieting and numerous failed attempts at just about every diet

there was on the market, I believed I had no other option. Although I was scared to death

of the thought of having the surgery, I was desperate and had big reasons “why”

other than for just for my own health and well being, those reasons being my wife Barbi

and our daughter Britney, who was not quite a year old at that time.

My weight problem was affecting me

both physically as well as emotionally. I had developed sleep apnea, chronic fatigue and

severe swelling in my feet and ankles that made it difficult for me to walk and be able to

do the everyday things most people take for granted. The severe pain I had in my lower

back kept me from doing the one thing that meant the most to me, and that was to simply be

able to hold my daughter Britney in my arms. At this time I weighed 615 pounds and my

waist alone measured 80 1/2 inches around. I was awaiting approval of the surgery from our

insurance company when I was introduced to these unbelievable products and decided to try

them instead of going through with the operation. I credit these products for saving my

life and giving me a bright future to look forward to. I am so thankful I chose to give them

a try instead of the surgery.

I got started right away on the

Ultimate Program along with the aloe drink, and in my first week alone I lost 28 pounds

and gained incredible energy.  In 3 weeks I had lost 50 pounds total, but most

important to me was that I could now finally lie down to sleep at night and breathe

regularly.  In less than 2 years’ time, my life has totally changed in incredible ways

that words alone cannot describe.  I have now lost a total of 410 pounds on the

products, almost 4 feet off my waist alone and well over 200 total inches. I now wear a

size 34 pants! My health problems have totally cleared up, I feel great, and I will keep

this weight off for the rest of my life!

The best part of this now is that I

can not only hold my daughter in my arms, but I run and play with her and do the things

that before I could only dream of doing. My hopes of success have become a reality and now

I am able to be the father for her that before I had only dreamed of being.