Babs trivial exploits

sometimes it is like people are in their own brand of reality, complete with total lack of self-awareness and lack of awareness of a given situation. i mean, i understand and forgive this completely when people accidentally wind up in the land of banana flavored suckers or even a pointillist tootsie roll room where laws of physics must be rethought. but that is only because i have read so much about salvia (perfectly legal, thank you very much) divinorum.

today i came across a story about death and danger to the brain to kids playing “the choking game” and the last line in the story is: “You wish you could just take the kids and shake them and say, ‘What are you thinking?'” Hoiosen said

yeah. ’cause that is healthy and not brain damagey and deathy and stuff.

i also read today something from a lazy reviewer. when you are reviewing a movie, even a REALLY, REALLY bad one that attracts terrible representatives of the human race that even i was ready to leave inside of 5 minutes, you should – i don’t know… how about watch the fucking movie?

this guy gives a bad review (deserved, trust me) but his whole rant is based on the premise that it was all wool over the eyes fakey surprise ending – as in “…whose atmosphere and mystery are ultimately solved by the discovery, sometime toward the end of the film, that the storyteller is dead”

ummm…. this didn’t happen. except in other movies, like the one where the kid sees copy machines everywhere or whatever. you can tell the guy skimmed the movie – seems to me like with the sound mostly off because a great deal of the things he discusses seem to be misunderstandings of what actually transpired in the film:

storyteller is NOT dead until she dies at the end

  • she does not pop pills for paranoia – she has migraines
  • she does not hire the lawyer to compel them to fix the apartment
  • she does not imagine anything. there is part where she has a dream but it is pretty obviously a dream since she was going to sleep when it happened
  • he says nothing in the movie is real, but assuming we can believe in a ghost for the movie, it is all real

    or how about when you expect a dryer repairman to be led to your dryer to check it out and he is actually misled into taking apart your neighbor’s dryer and offering to do stuff to that one? sheesh!

    i am not even going to go into the fucks that shop at trader joe’s (who should copyright the phrase “home of the too small aisles”) and leave their carts in the middle of the (too small) aisle while they look around like fuckwads totally unaware of the 50 other people that are trying to get to the ginger slices.

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