With the rapid change in the
technology and the thrust on infrastructure projects, Civil Engineers today have
many career options. The days when a job in the Government was the only coveted
one for Civil Engineers are long gone. The more choices that one has, the more difficult
it is to choose the right one. In such a scenario advice from experienced senior
Engineers can make a huge difference to the careers of young Engineers.

I have known Shashank professionally
for more than 25 years. He has had varied experience of working for the clients
(Government) and contractors, at site and at corporate office and in many functional
areas of civil Engineering and as a Training & Development professional.  This rare combination of work experience
makes him ideally suited to give advice to young Civil Engineers on the issue of
career planning.

I am sure that young Civil Engineers will find the online career advice
portal very interesting and useful.

I wish this platform all success.


Member Engineering (Retd.)

Railway Board


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