How much is too much?

You would be surprised at the number of brides that ask this question. Its as though the traditional two color weddings are a thing of the past. More and more colors are being pulled into today’s wedding themes and not just as an accent color or two. Yet the question still remains, How much is too much? Here are a few hints to help you along your planning journey.

First when choosing multiple colors try and devise a pattern. If your using a single color for your bridesmaids, try and incorporate the additional color into your  groomsmen. Then have the opposite colors for each in the flowers. If you have decided on an accessory for your bridesmaid gowns such as a sash, flower, or their jewelry then you will want to take that color and incorporate it into your groomsmen and maybe even your own shoes.

Now that youve decided on your bridal party theme build around that. If your bridesmaids have a Chocolate brown gowns with a light pink sash you will want to pull out the pink by adding it to your centerpieces and make that your primary color of your linens as well. Then simply add some chocolate sashes to your chairs or even some chocolate napkins. This way you will manage to bring out all of your colors. Try to steer clear of  having to much of the stronger color because you want you girls to pop and stand out from your linens. Imagine brown dresses, brown chair covers and table clothes. Yikes! You can always go with linens that are your traditional white or ivory and alternate runners, napkins, and sashes on each table. For example if you have a teal and silver wedding party, have your vendor dress some tables in silver accessories and the alternating tables in teal.  Another great option is to dress the guest tables in one pattern and the bridal party or sweetheart table in the opposite. The options available to make your wedding custom to who you are and what you envision are endless. Be sure to ask your vendor to demonstrate all of the options you are interested in. Happy Planning!

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