MNA Services, Inc. was
established in 1987.  Its mission was to successfully market
the services of the top 5% management and technical consultants
located throughout the New York tri-state area. 

Today its resource pool
has expanded and includes technical trainers, software engineers
and multi-media specialists. 

While its headquarters
have remained in Westchester County, NY, MNA provides services to
clients located throughout the US.  Most of its consulting
resources, however, are based in the Northeast corridor of the

Today, MNA continues to
maintain a direct client base, but has expanded its client
marketplace to include major software, hardware and communication
consulting and technology solution companies.  Clients such
as IBM, Deloitte and Touche, and TRW make use of MNA’s resources
for their own and their clients’ requirements on critical projects
requiring “one of a kind” expertise. 

With the growth of
e-Commerce, B2B and B2C restructuring activities have resulted in
tremendous demands for experienced management and technical
consultants.  The demand for Multi-media specialists is also
increasing as new Web-based services are created and marketed to
the public.  MNA has positioned itself to accommodate these
requirements, thus assuring its continual growth well into the

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