Gourmet deluxe treats – just dogs gourmet


We hand-decorate the treats in our bakery case. Treat flavors and shapes change with the seasons and include tasty varieties such as peanut butter, shortbread, cinnamon, apple, carob and molasses. We have cookies that are small and soft as well as hefty, hard treats.

Double-Dipped Peanut Butter Bones and Peanut Butter Pleasers
Our famous peanut butter recipe is hand-cut into an extra large bone for big dogs, then iced in a double layer of yogurt and carob or peanut butter yogurt and yogurt.

Melted carob and carob power are folded into the cookie dough of this chocolaty-tasting Penguin treat, which is iced in yogurt.

Happy Bones
These small bones have carob powder in them for a slight chocolaty taste, then they’re dipped in yogurt or carob.

Yummy carob cookie dough and yogurt make this large snowflake a tasty, crunchy treat for your big dog!

Shortbread Small Snowflakes
These soft, small shortbread snowflakes are dipped in yogurt for a tasty treat.

A very soft shortbread cookie decorated in yogurt or carob.

Peanut Butter Happy Bones
Our famous peanut butter bone is dipped in creamy peanut butter yogurt then drizzled with yogurt.

Our popular honey-nut squirrel is dipped in yogurt or carob and sprinkled with nuts. Give your dog a taste of that pesky squirrel he’s always chasing after!


Carob Little Dogs
These little dogs are made of our chocolaty-tasting carob dough and iced with carob, yogurt or peanut butter yogurt.

Almond Paws
These yummy paws are softer and have almond oil baked right in and yummy yogurt frosting.

Doggie Moon Pies
Our tasty tailhouse cookies that contains carob chips and cinnamon are sandwiched together with vanilla yogurt then dipped in carob. A cookie with a high drool factor! 

Orange Blossoms
A softer treat with real orange concentrate baked into the dough, then dipped in yogurt.

Peanut Butter Snowmen
Our tasty peanut butter cookie is iced with yogurt for a wonderful seasonal snack for your eager pup.

Birthday Cookie Cake
Our yummy Tailhouse Cookie is baked into a large cookie-cake then iced in creamy yogurt. We can personalize these cakes for you.


Cinnamon Paws
A favorite snack for medium- and large-sized dogs, our aromatic cookie has cinnamon baked in and yogurt or carob icing.

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