Low cholestrol diet plan – a healthier way of living

Diet is the first thing to consider when dealing with high cholesterol and heart diseases. A low cholesterol diet is absolutely essential when you are battling high cholesterol levels.

Now, planning a meal keeping in mind the cholesterol levels can often be very irritating and confusing. This can be readily solved by devoting a little time to diet planning, keeping patience and try planning the diet even if it doesn’t work out the first few times.

The first and foremost thing to do while planning a low cholesterol diet is to scrutinize your daily food habits and try to make changes that would reduce cholesterol in your meal. Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc. are very rich in fat, which means that they also contribute significantly to the cholesterol levels in your body.

Hence, dairy products are a good place to start correcting your diet. This does not necessarily mean that you have to let go off dairy products entirely. It only means that it would help your cholesterol levels a lot if you substitute these dairy products with low fat substitutes like skim milk or soy milk.

Apart from dairy products, egg, especially their yolk part is very rich in cholesterol. Separating the yellow yolk from the egg whites and eating only the latter is a great way to bring down cholesterol levels.

Non vegetarian food lovers should make the extra effort of avoiding red meat as it is very rich in saturated fats which in turn increase the cholesterol levels. Instead, they could go for options like broiled and baked fish or chicken, which are much healthier options.

Some foods have cholesterol reducing capacity but it’s lost as soon as they are fried. The saturated and trans fat contained in red meat and other foods are actually more dangerous than the normal cholesterol increasing food products. But these fats can be killed away by baking, broiling or grilling the food which makes a lot healthier.

Keep in mind, a low cholesterol diet won’t allow you to prepare your meals in oil or animal fat. Spices and herbs will be your means to flavor your food. Vegetables and fruits will become an integral part of your diet. These can be steamed or baked depending on your preference.

On a bright note, this will introduce you to a completely new side of cooking that is unknown to most of us. For many of you this may seem as a difficult diet plan, but once you start following it, you’ll realize, not only this is food healthier, it’s more delicious and flavorful as well.

Your doctor is the first person you should consult before latching on to the diet plan as he can guide you better. If you want to gain further information on the topic, the internet or the self help books available can help you. This will give a deeper insight into the types of food that are healthy for you and the numerous ways in which they can be prepared for them to taste lip smacking.

Finally, a low cholesterol diet is nothing bad, it’s just a healthier way of living that will elongate your life considerably.

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