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Spain and Portugal are perhaps the most sought after destinations in Western Europe when it comes to summer vacation and beachside holidays. Both countries offer great resorts, wonderful scenery and white, sandy beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Although there are unique cultural sites and cities to be visited in both Spain and Portugal, most travelers and vacationers choose the ocean resorts, either looking to relax or to experience the tumultuous nightlife of clubs in Ibiza that has become legendary by now. Whatever the case, booking platforms and travel agencies have noticed an increase in demand for accommodation in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, there are basically two major outlets for finding good accommodation, regardless of the destination of choice and those outlets are travel agencies and online booking websites, such as, where tourists can browse through the available options, view photos and choose the alternative most suitable to their wishes.

Although there are individuals who still prefer to resort to the services of travel agencies, most tourists nowadays choose the online platform to book their accommodation. Not only is it cheaper this way, but also tourists from all over the world gain access to a much larger market of accommodating facilities. Entering the web and searching for vakantievilla Mallorca for instance, if you want to spend your summer holiday in one of the biggest and most beautiful islands of Spain, will generate hundreds of results, hotels and guesthouses, as well as beach rentals and luxury villas that will simply take your breath away. If you are traveling in a large group, with numerous friends or the extended family, then renting out a villa may prove to be more profitable than booking rooms at a hotel and sometimes it can even offer you more luxury and comfort, not to mention privacy. The same is valid for Portugal as well. If you look up vakantievilla Algarve, for instance, which is one of the most popular touristic regions of the country, you will be able to find a great variety of accommodation alternatives, from five star resorts to traditional Portuguese guesthouses along the coast.

All things considered, whether you choose Spain or Portugal as your summer vacation destination or whether you go for the wild island of Ibiza, the exquisite Mallorca or the tranquility oasis of Algarve, you will most certainly face a great variety of accommodation possibilities and it is essential to carefully sort through them, in order to find something that both suits your budget and offers you all the comfort and luxury you expect from a vacation. Beach rental villas are a great example in that direction, providing tourists with a high level of privacy, as well as luxury and great comfort. There are several online platforms where tourists can find available accommodation and book their rooms or villas months in advance, which is a great advantage, as many people plan their summer vacations very early within the year, thus enjoying great prices and making sure their favorite facility doesn’t run out of rooms.

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