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Spain and Portugal are perhaps the most sought after destinations in Western Europe when it comes to summer vacation and beachside holidays. Both countries offer great resorts, wonderful scenery and white, sandy beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Although there are unique cultural sites and cities to be visited in both Spain and Portugal, most travelers and vacationers choose the ocean resorts, either looking to relax or to experience the tumultuous nightlife of clubs in Ibiza that has become legendary by now. Whatever the case, booking platforms and travel agencies have noticed an increase in demand for accommodation in the Iberian Peninsula. Today, there are basically two major outlets for finding good accommodation, regardless of the destination of choice and those outlets are travel agencies and online booking websites, such as, where tourists can browse through the available options, view photos and choose the alternative most suitable to their wishes.

Although there are individuals who still prefer to resort to the services of travel agencies, most tourists nowadays choose the online platform to book their accommodation. Not only is it cheaper this way, but also tourists from all over the world gain access to a much larger market of accommodating facilities. Entering the web and searching for vakantievilla Mallorca for instance, if you want to spend your summer holiday in one of the biggest and most beautiful islands of Spain, will generate hundreds of results, hotels and guesthouses, as well as beach rentals and luxury villas that will simply take your breath away. If you are traveling in a large group, with numerous friends or the extended family, then renting out a villa may prove to be more profitable than booking rooms at a hotel and sometimes it can even offer you more luxury and comfort, not to mention privacy. The same is valid for Portugal as well. If you look up vakantievilla Algarve, for instance, which is one of the most popular touristic regions of the country, you will be able to find a great variety of accommodation alternatives, from five star resorts to traditional Portuguese guesthouses along the coast.

All things considered, whether you choose Spain or Portugal as your summer vacation destination or whether you go for the wild island of Ibiza, the exquisite Mallorca or the tranquility oasis of Algarve, you will most certainly face a great variety of accommodation possibilities and it is essential to carefully sort through them, in order to find something that both suits your budget and offers you all the comfort and luxury you expect from a vacation. Beach rental villas are a great example in that direction, providing tourists with a high level of privacy, as well as luxury and great comfort. There are several online platforms where tourists can find available accommodation and book their rooms or villas months in advance, which is a great advantage, as many people plan their summer vacations very early within the year, thus enjoying great prices and making sure their favorite facility doesn’t run out of rooms.

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In-Dealership Consulting

This is the heart and soul of what we do. We come to your dealership and walk you through, step by step, setting up all of the digital assets you will need to have a successful digital marketing campaign. We will analyze your current offerings and add/remove as needed to better fit your customers and needs. We will determine which sites you should be on, which ones you should just monitor and which ones you should be aggressively interacting on.

We will also help you to create content, make a schedule for getting all needed tasks completed and continue to support your efforts on an on-going basis. Every client gets our premium support for the entirety of their campaign as well as any and all updates from the digital marketing world. That would be, if a new social media or review website were to pop up and start making dramatic impacts on automotive dealerships, we will let you know immediately. We will essentially be your watch dog for any changes in the automotive digital marketing environment.

Social Media Creation and Management

While we visit your dealership we will identify the main social media sites that your customers are engaging with and help you to create and optimize each profile. There are many social media websites available like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FourSquare, YouTube, Google+ and more. Do you know which ones you should be on? Do you know which ones your customers are using? We’ll show you how to find out and how to get the most from each one.

Online Reputation Management

*Over 62% of people read online reviews.
**70% believe them, even those by anonymous posters!

Don’t let bad reviews cost you lost sales and service appointments, protect yourself now..

Your reputation is everything. Most automotive dealerships have a good idea of what their customers and community think about them. Are they trustworthy, honest, efficient, compassionate? Most of the time you know the answer but, do you know what they are saying about you online? More importantly do you know where they are saying it? We will walk you through the process of finding the places people are talking and show you how to counter act any negative effects they may be producing.

*62% of consumers read reviews online (Lightspeed Research, 2011)
**70% of people trust recommendations from unknown users online (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a very elusive word for an automotive dealership. So what does it mean and how does it effect your online business and reputation? Here’s a great analogy: Pretend you’ve built the nicest, most advanced and largest dealership on the planet and now imagine it’s in the middle of a desert with no roads leading to it. How will anyone ever know you’re there? They won’t. This is the same as having an awesome website but, not having an SEO strategy.

SEO can be broken into two different sections. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. The on-page SEO is the stuff that is actually on your website (in the analogy above this is your dealership). Most automotive dealer websites are pretty good at getting the on-page SEO content right but, where they fall completely flat is off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is the building of roads to your website. Links from other websites directing people to your website. Search engines keep track of how many links or “roads” you have coming to your website. The more links you have, the higher in the search results you are. So, that’s what we do, we build roads to your website. This not only increases the likely hood of having more traffic but, also increased search results.

So you have a great website that has all the content and inventory you can handle but, do you come up in the search engines when people are trying to find your vehicles? How about your stores contact information? Do you show up in any searches when people search by location or by a specific model? Most of the time the answer is no. We have an exclusive system in place for correcting these issues and assuring you of increased traffic to your website and social media sites. This service is included for every client.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

Our one stop digital marketing solution includes in-dealership consulting, social media creation and management, online reputation management, search engine optimization plus, on-going support for the length of time you choose.

Use the form below to get more information including pricing and availablity.


9.30am to 10.00am Wednesday August 15 Helping people to start, manage and grow their business Suzette Gaff Free inc GST 9.30am to 10.30am Wednesday August 15 The 7 things you need to know about your web-site James Musgrave free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday August 15 Loyalty: More than just plastic and points Ailsa Page free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Wednesday August 15 Do It Yourself Business Coaching David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 11.30 to 12noon Wednesday August 15 In Cyberspace, No-One Can Hear You Scream Rob Palmer free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Wednesday August 15 I tried an ad once – it didnt work Debra Templar free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday August 15 How to put up your price Ailsa Page free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Wednesday August 15 Drought or Flood? How to manage the flow of cash through your business David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday August 15 Hints & tips for start-ups David Norris free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Wednesday August 15 The 5 big future trends that are happening now Debra Templar free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday August 15 Web 2.0: The Future of Ecommerce? How To Profit from the Evolution of the Internet Rob Palmer free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Wednesday August 15 Office assistant to CEO in 30 minutes Samantha Woods free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday August 15 How to choose the right sales channels for your business Ailsa Page free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Wednesday August 15 The Secret to increase your value Julian Campbell free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday August 15 The Key Steps to Franchise your Business Garry Williamson free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Wednesday August 15 Commercialise Your IP Effectively David Prior & Shona d Arbon free inc GST 5.30pm to 6.00pm Wednesday August 15 Applying for funding from a financial institution Warren Collins free inc GST 5.30pm to 6.00pm Wednesday August 15 Getting your business ready for competition Ailsa Page free inc GST 7.30am to 8.50am Thursday August 16 Third Camel…Fifth Jar Debra Templar 20.00 inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Thursday August 16 New Tricks …for Old Dogs Don Keady, CEO free inc GST 9.30am to 10.00am Thursday August 16 The Mirror Test: Should you buy a franchise? Garry Williamson free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Thursday August 16 How to utilise Barter as an effective business tool to improve profit, cashflow, sales and your customer base. Margaret Hendy free inc GST 10.30am to 11.00am Thursday August 16 Strategic Planning: Do what the big Businesses do! David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Thursday August 16 What is in a name? Bambi Gordon free inc GST 11.30am to 12noon Thursday August 16 Getting your customers to complain Debra Templar free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Thursday August 16 So, you want to sack the boss? Edgar Adams free inc GST 12.30pm to 1.00pm Thursday August 16 Sales. Science or Art Don Keady, CEO free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Thursday August 16 Close enough is good enough: customer focus Debra Templar free inc GST 1.30pm to 2.00pm Thursday August 16 Be your own publicity agent: The Brand Of You Samantha Woods free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Thursday August 16 The true cost of running a home based business David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 2.30pm to 3.00pm Thursday August 16 The Tall Ones Will Be Leaders Don Keady, CEO free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.00pm Thursday August 16 Turning lemons into lemonade Karen Coulson free inc GST 3.30pm to 4.30pm Thursday August 16 I m a business owner: Get Me Out Of Here! David Wilson, Expo Business Coach free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Thursday August 16 Brand Identities – Exposed! Barry Parker free inc GST 4.30pm to 5.00pm Thursday August 16 Fool-proof, fail-safe, marketing Bambi Gordon free inc GST

A1 cup – fase eliminatoria

A1 Cup 2000-01
Gruppo C
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Milan 3 3 1 0 0 5 2 3 85,5
Milan 3 Tien’ a Mment’ 5 2 85,5 75 Bianconeri 3 1 0 0 2 1 1 76
Bianconeri Poderosa 2 1 76 66,5 Tien’ a Mment’ 0 0 0 1 2 5 -3 75
Poderosa 0 0 0 1 1 2 -1 66,5
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Tien’ a Mment’ 3 1 0 1 6 6 0 78,25
Tien’ a Mment’ Bianconeri 4 1 81,5 66 Milan 3 3 1 0 1 6 5 1 77,75
Poderosa Milan 3 3 1 79,5 70 Poderosa 3 1 0 1 4 3 1 73
Bianconeri 3 1 0 1 3 5 -2 71
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Milan 3 6 2 0 1 8 6 2 76,33
Milan 3 Bianconeri 2 1 73,5 71,5 Tien’ a Mment’ 6 2 0 1 7 6 1 76
Poderosa Tien’ a Mment’ 0 1 64 71,5 Bianconeri 3 1 0 2 4 7 -3 71,17
Poderosa 3 1 0 2 4 4 0 70
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Milan 3 7 2 1 1 8 6 2 73
Tien’ a Mment’ Milan 3 0 0 62 63 Tien’ a Mment’ 7 2 1 1 7 6 1 72,5
Poderosa Bianconeri 0 4 65,5 78,5 Bianconeri 6 2 0 2 8 7 1 73
Poderosa 3 1 0 3 4 8 -4 68,88
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Milan 3 10 3 1 1 10 7 3 72,7
Bianconeri Tien’ a Mment’ 3 1 78 71,5 Bianconeri 9 3 0 2 11 8 3 74
Milan 3 Poderosa 2 1 71,5 67 Tien’ a Mment’ 7 2 1 2 8 9 -1 72,3
Poderosa 3 1 0 4 5 10 -5 68,5
SQUADRA P v n p Gf Gs Diff Media
      Milan 3 13 4 1 1 12 8 4 73,17
Bianconeri Milan 3 1 2 68 75,5 Bianconeri 9 3 0 3 12 10 2 73
Tien’ a Mment’ Poderosa 2 2 72 72 Tien’ a Mment’ 8 2 2 2 10 11 -1 72,25
Poderosa 4 1 1 4 7 12 -5 69,08
Inizio Pagina
Gruppo A
Gruppo B
Gruppo D

Paraiso maravilla, the elegant alternative.

Contact Info

Stephen Clarke

5714 Fairdale St
Houston, Texas 77057
Tel : 713 – 977 5773
Fax: 713-977-1556


Paraiso Maravilla

Limousine Services

a modern fleet of impeccably maintained vehicles, PM Limousine Service
is ready to accommodate you and guests with the finest in safe,
courteous and prompt transportation service.

Limousine Services will help you select the right vehicle based
on your personal preference, the number of guests and the type of
event you’re attending. Regardless of your occasion, we have the
perfect way to get you there. We offer a complete selection of six,
eight or ten passenger stretch limousines.Each PM Limousine is carefully
maintained and meticulously prepared by our professional staff to
ensure your complete satisfaction.

your added comfort and convenience, PM Limousine Services also offers
a personalized experience according to your needs. We can even provide
a wake-up call in the morning. What’s more, Pm Limousine welcomes
special requests like fresh flowers, dinner reservations and gift
delivery. And, we’ll also be happy to establish a corporate account
for you to guarantee accurate and timely billing.

saftey and entertaiment is our priority.


Walgreens coupon code guide – saving money with one

Should you intend on shopping using the country’s most reliable pharmacy, make sure to make use of a Walgreens promotion code. This pharmacy offers a number of deals on from overall health items to services in photography.

Since there’s this type of huge quantity of online coupons and discount rates available, it is sometimes complicated to describe all of the rules. Various kinds of discount rates have different rules. Because of this, you need to browse the small print connected using the coupon itself And also the item or service you need to apply it.

Despite the fact that the shop is connected with drugs and wellness, it sells many other kinds of items. Because the first Walgreens store opened up over a century ago in Chicago, clients have been getting quality items and quick services.

Nowadays, you do not even need to leave your house to look at the shop, in order to fill medications in the pharmacy. Everything could be purchased in the company’s website. Having a Walgreens promotion code, you can aquire all you need in a low cost. This store can be found in nearly every city in america.

A web-based promo code is generally a special word or string of letters and amounts that may be joined around the checkout page. The web site you discover the codes on will often have particulars about each one of these, including its expiration date and just what you can use it for. Bear in mind that some codes may be used along with other discount rates plus some cannot.

Sometimes the brands themselves use the shop to supply clients with discount offers. If you discover a coupon you can use having a certain kind of brand, you are able to search for items provided by that brand around the store’s website.

Since Walgreens sells nearly everything on the planet, you’ll find deals on any service or product you can actually need. If there’s a particular product you have to buy, try to look for a promotion code for this. Even when there is not a code for your particular product, you’ll still might have the ability to look for a general offer to reduce your general order.

You may also cut costs if you’re purchasing gifts. You will find lots of stocking stuffers, including toys, scents, makeup, and much more. Just make the most of special holiday coupons while they are still available.

Obviously, you will find a Walgreens promotion code or two regardless of while you shop. You will find deals happening each and every month of the season. The store’s business design has always stressed community, service, and cost.

Grab your Walgreens promotion code and obtain began shopping today. Obtaining the items and services you’ll need at below retail cost is fairly amazing. There’s always some kind of great deal happening with Walgreens, so see the best way to save at this time.

To discover much more about Walgreens discount rates, coupons, and special deals, visit George’s website – http://world wide

Use clickbank to generate money | uncategorized

Use Clickbank to generate Money

June 16, 2011 | By admin In Uncategorized |

Clickbank is a great place to make money with affiliate marketing. You can search through almost every subject matter and product imaginable. There are internet marketer opportunities involving everything from informational products and solutions to health supplements. It is probably the very best places to get started with affiliate marketing. Obviously, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could possibly spend a great deal of time or even lots of money on something that doesn’t make you very much money. So precisely what you supposed to do to ensure that you’re able to earn money on Clickbank? When you’re first starting to make use of Clickbank you can try to use the following tips and pieces of advice. Dell Inspiron 15R 1570MRB 15.6-Inch Laptop may improve your business.

The first thing you should do is pick a industry that you want to work within. Obviously there are going to be a couple of markets which are more popular as opposed to others. There will probably be some people who insist that you should choose the market that is the most popular but this is not always the best advice that you will get. It is only a slightly smaller blunder to select the market that is the most desperate for answers and solutions. The market that is best is the sector that you are passionate about. When you have excitement and passion for your market you’ll want to work in it more. First you’ll want to consider the topics you find the most interesting. Then, when you have your list, pick the market that is the hungriest for products and solutions. This is the smartest decision.

If you happen to be in the business of product invention and would like to use Clickbank to help you sell that product there are also things you need to do. You need to make sure that your product or service is very effectively made. The better your product the more likely it will be easy to sell it outside of Clickbank, so think about how well it will do when you have a bunch of hungry affiliates selling it for you. Once you’ve done with the fantastic product’s development, you need to list it on the Clickbank system. Be sure that you choose a great sales price for it. Your fee to affiliates ought to be fair. One of the most significant blunders made by Clickbank merchandise producers is choosing an affiliate commission that is way too small. They appear to believe this will incentivize internet marketers to work harder. All that basically occurs is you make it easy to get passed over for something else.

Trying to get Clickbank to operate for you doesn’t need to be all that tough. The point is that should you approach it with the appropriate mind set, you can use it to earn all sorts of cash. The real truth of the matter is that both individuals who want to make things and people who wish to sell things made by others should both have this approach. The fantastic point about Clickbank is the fact it acts as a sort of “middle man” for both of these types of opportunists. The simple fact is that if you make sensible choices, you’ll be able to turn a profit on the Clickbank system whether you’re an affiliate or a product creator.

No Scam, No-Hype Internet

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Profits for Free!

ensure you provide a valid email address,
other than Yahoo, Hotmail or MSN
because we’re currently having problems sending emails to them.
Thank you.

Your information will never be sold our shared with
anyone … NEVER!
I respect your privacy and hate SPAM too!

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    Low cholestrol diet plan – a healthier way of living

    Diet is the first thing to consider when dealing with high cholesterol and heart diseases. A low cholesterol diet is absolutely essential when you are battling high cholesterol levels.

    Now, planning a meal keeping in mind the cholesterol levels can often be very irritating and confusing. This can be readily solved by devoting a little time to diet planning, keeping patience and try planning the diet even if it doesn’t work out the first few times.

    The first and foremost thing to do while planning a low cholesterol diet is to scrutinize your daily food habits and try to make changes that would reduce cholesterol in your meal. Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc. are very rich in fat, which means that they also contribute significantly to the cholesterol levels in your body.

    Hence, dairy products are a good place to start correcting your diet. This does not necessarily mean that you have to let go off dairy products entirely. It only means that it would help your cholesterol levels a lot if you substitute these dairy products with low fat substitutes like skim milk or soy milk.

    Apart from dairy products, egg, especially their yolk part is very rich in cholesterol. Separating the yellow yolk from the egg whites and eating only the latter is a great way to bring down cholesterol levels.

    Non vegetarian food lovers should make the extra effort of avoiding red meat as it is very rich in saturated fats which in turn increase the cholesterol levels. Instead, they could go for options like broiled and baked fish or chicken, which are much healthier options.

    Some foods have cholesterol reducing capacity but it’s lost as soon as they are fried. The saturated and trans fat contained in red meat and other foods are actually more dangerous than the normal cholesterol increasing food products. But these fats can be killed away by baking, broiling or grilling the food which makes a lot healthier.

    Keep in mind, a low cholesterol diet won’t allow you to prepare your meals in oil or animal fat. Spices and herbs will be your means to flavor your food. Vegetables and fruits will become an integral part of your diet. These can be steamed or baked depending on your preference.

    On a bright note, this will introduce you to a completely new side of cooking that is unknown to most of us. For many of you this may seem as a difficult diet plan, but once you start following it, you’ll realize, not only this is food healthier, it’s more delicious and flavorful as well.

    Your doctor is the first person you should consult before latching on to the diet plan as he can guide you better. If you want to gain further information on the topic, the internet or the self help books available can help you. This will give a deeper insight into the types of food that are healthy for you and the numerous ways in which they can be prepared for them to taste lip smacking.

    Finally, a low cholesterol diet is nothing bad, it’s just a healthier way of living that will elongate your life considerably.