Ever wonder where your money goes?
Do you have more bills than income?

Do you save receipts in a shoe box for tax time?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then help is on the way.
This simple spreadsheet will get you organized and save you a lot of work.

Do you know where every penny of your money goes?
Do you plan on how to spend every paycheck?
Do you know how much money you actually take in?

These and other questions will be answered when you start using this simple spreadsheet.Keeping track of expenses and income is hard to do.
But with this simple spreadsheet it will only take a few minutes a day
I am just an ordinary guy with no special traits. I have no accounting background. And I am not really good with numbers.

I have been using spreadsheets for years to keep track of what I spend and what I take in.
It also helps me see what to spend on what for each pay check.
It also helps when it comes to tax time because all your information is in a simple spreadsheet.

This is not a budget spreadsheet where you estimate your expenses and income. This is an actual accounting of what you spent for what and what you brought in from all sources.

This spreadsheet is a workbook broken down by month and then a yearly total.
Each month is broken down by 15 day periods.
The totals and balances are carried over from month to month to the final yearly totals.

There is a PDF file included explaining how the spreadsheet works.

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