Reasons To Book A Checkup With Your Dentist

Anyone who has experienced the agony of toothache will appreciate the reasons why dentists recommend having a routine checkup at least every six to twelve months. Small problems, which are sometimes invisible to the untrained eye, can gradually worsen and eventually cause serious complications. To help keep tooth and gum-related problems at bay, consider using a dentist in Calgary.

A routine checkup generally involves the dentist examining the patient’s teeth and gums, noting issues such as receding gum lines, worn enamel or the early signs of decay. Some of these issues can be remedied by following advice from the dentist. For example, worn enamel is often caused by the patient simply brushing too vigorously. Although brushing and flossing is the best way to remove decay-causing plaque, by brushing too hard (or too often) the toothbrush can actually begin to wear away at the teeth.

Brushing for three minutes, twice or three times a day is usually the best way to ensure good oral health. This is enough to keep the level of bacteria and plaque low, but not so much that any damage is caused. Using small, circular motions is also recommended to avoid wearing the enamel; rotary electric toothbrushes are designed with this idea in mind.

The purpose of a checkup is not simply so that the dentist can examine the patient’s mouth and give advice. Many checkups will also involve a scale and polish. This is essentially a thorough clean of the teeth, including a deep clean into the gaps between the teeth, which are easy to miss when brushing.

Aside from the general checkup-related tasks, a dentist performs one further important role. Oral cancer, if spotted early, is far more treatable than cancer that has progressed to a later stage. The earliest signs that a person has developed oral cancer can be extremely subtle and difficult to spot.

Dentists are much more likely to detect the symptoms of spreading cancer, which means that the patient can quickly be referred to a specialist to begin treatment. This means that people who are in high risk groups (smokers, heavy drinkers etc.) have an even greater need to have a regular checkup.

Of course not all available services are simply to aid in one’s oral health and hygiene. Many dentists also offer a range of cosmetic services. Few people’s teeth are naturally reminiscent of the “Hollywood” smile, which is why many teenagers suffer through the process of wearing braces.

As a person grows older, they may wish to have minor imperfections, such as small cracks and chips, repaired; some even choose to have full sets of veneers, which can help to significantly improve the way one’s teeth look. Improved quality materials and techniques mean that cosmetic procedures such as these are now within many people’s budgets.

Whether a person wishes to enquire about cosmetic procedures, or simply wants to ensure their oral health is taken care of, it is more than possible to find a good quality dentist in Calgary.

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