Sunglasses – What You Should Consider Before You Buy a Pair?

You might have been told that the sunglass is a necessity. This statement is quite true. Sunglasses are thought of as a fashion statement adopted to look good. But they have a very important role to play. Sunglasses keep our eyes safe from ultra-violet rays of the sun. So even if sunglasses are in vogue, they are not really meant as fashion statements functionally. They are basically protection for the eyes.

Just like you wear sunscreen when you go out the sunglass is also a necessity. The purpose is the same. Sunscreen lotion protects the skin from ultra violet rays and the sunglasses protect the eyes. Ultra violet radiation is a great environmental concern. The ozone layer is thinning out day by day so the intensity of UV radiation is increasing. It causes great damage to the human skin and most importantly it can also result in skin cancer.

With so many brands and types of sunglasses available in the market, it is a tough job to find a good one that is suitable for you in every way. These are the following features that your perfect sunglass should have:

* It should protect you from ultra violet rays.
* It has to last for a very long time.
* It needs to look good on you so that you look fashionable.
* It has to be suitable to any special requirement you have.
* It should be so comfortable that you will not even realize that you are wearing anything.

Most importantly you need to keep in mind the following specific features of sunglasses.

* Consider the frame and lens options.
* Look into the sun protection capacity
* Other specific requirements of the sunglasses if any.

The Frame

This is the most vital portion since it gives comfort and balance and keeps the glasses attached with one another. The frame has two parts:

* The arms of the frame place the glasses on the ear tightly.
* The face of the frame keeps the eyes and lens alignment straight.

The three frame materials are plastic, nylon, and metal. All three have their better and worse sides. Cheaper sunglasses have plastic that not only lasts for a short while but also breaks far too easily. What you can do is to use a frame where plastic is placed on the metal frame of the arms. Nylon works very well since it is lightweight and strong and can be bent easily and then come back to its own position. Metal is a good choice since strong but light. But it snaps easily.

The Hinge

The hinge of the frame keeps arms and face of the frame firmly. Hinge materials are either made of metal or nylon. The hinges of either material are very strong. Hinges that are poorly made will make the glasses brittle and will not sit tight on the person’s face. So make sure that you buy good hinges.

With summers around the corner, get up and get going. Buy sunglasses for both yourself and your family not just for protection but also a fashion statement. Experts feel that like last year, big round glasses in vogue during the sixties will be chart toppers. So just get a new pair for yourself before anything else. In that way you can keep a tab on the UV protection levels. Look good and be protected!

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