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The very thought of a baby kick, a trip to the gynaecologist or shopping for baby clothes may have crossed your mind. It sure shows signs of readiness for a baby. If however, pregnancy is something you have been struggling with for over a year now, it is crucial that the two of you visit origin fertility clinic. Here is something that should catch your attention: note that infertility does not always pertain to women alone but very well extend to men as well. As a matter of fact, one in every three men are bound to infertility. Even while there are several causes to consider, acceptance to the issue should take priority. This could perhaps save up a whole lot of misunderstandings between the two of you.

Below are a few possible causes that could lead to infertility amongst men:

Hereditary Causes:

Damaged Testicles: This sure could cause an indirect effect on the semen quality, either by a decrease in the sperm count or may result in the absence of the same.

Testicular Cancer and surgery

Infection within the testicles

Defect (Congenital)

When either one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum


Ejaculation problems or disorders

Premature ejaculation

Hypogonadism: This is when the testosterone is seen with low levels. This hormone usually helps with the sperm count. The hormone could be affected by excess intake of drugs, tumour within or the Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Lifestyle Causes:

Even while the above causes come through the family or otherwise, the below listed causes occur due to one’s way of living or lifestyle as it is better known:

Drugs: Chemotherapy, illegal and herbal drugs as well as steroids.


Obesity or overweight

Sexually transmitted diseases



If you relate to the above listed causes, it is important for one to get in touch with the origin fertility clinic Belfast specialist. The embryologist would commence by examining one’s sperm cell. This is exactly when one should ideally consider the analysis:

1. For all those experiencing issues during intercourse. This would pertain to an erection or ejaculation problem

2. Although, note that the semen collected for the analysis is analyzed only after having abstained from intercourse for about four days.

Having gone through the above, the fertility Belfast embryologist would then suggest the surgical sperm recovery procedure. This is executed so as to extract the required sperm. This would help one understand if at all the sperm has been working effectively during the ejaculation. Either way, make sure to check with the origin fertility care Belfast website or get in touch with the representatives of the clinic for further appointments or the consultation for that matter. Investing in a recognized clinic such as this would offer one the advantage of not waiting for long. What this means is that, one could have the treatment started with, as and when required. The clinic would sure not keep you waiting, either way, make sure to check with the costs concerned.

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