The Notorious Green Tea Leaf

Nowadays, people are becoming more health observant as the majority of the population ages. The baby boomer generation is searching for almost anything that will keep them feeling well. As the popularity of good health products become greater, they are advertised everywhere and mainly on television where younger people are buying in to living a healthy life.

More adults are now trying to eat healthy and stay healthy, people are always looking for things that are homeopathic in nature and what other people have been using for centuries. A popular result of all of this searching is the green tea leaf.

Green tea leaves are not recognized by the FDA as medicinal, but it does act as one for certain things such as indigestion and diarrhea. The tea is also good for use as a mouth wash and plaque control. The green tea leaf is also showing great signs in staving off and stopping certain cancers, particularly stomach cancer.

There aren’t many medications that can do all of this and if there were, it would be one the most well known drugs ever and I wouldn’t be talking about the tea. The tea’s leaf is also noted for working against other cancers such as; rectum, intestinal, colon, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer.

In China, a conclusive study was commissioned to observe the green tea leaf and the results of the study showed that women who drink the tea every day had a 33% drop in cancers over women who didn’t drink it everyday. This study also concluded a 43% drop in women getting rectal cancer.

The study even showed a 47% drop in pancreatic cancer in women who drink the tea daily. In Japan, a study of over four hundred women showed that the chances of cancer reappearing was very low in women who started drinking five cups of the notorious tea everyday.

The green tea leaf has certain components that make it a very popular choice. Caffeine also had something to do with the tea’s popularity. Caffeine is the stimulant we all know that gets us going in the morning and keeps us going all through the day.

When taken in moderation the tea also settles the stomach, making people alert without that feeling of unsettling nerves you might get when drinking coffee.

Green tea and black tea are taken from the same tea plant. The biggest difference between the two leaves are the way they are processed. Most green leaf teas are in China and Japan, while the black teas are processed in India and Sri Lanka and Kenya. The Asian countries have included green tea in their diets for thousands of years and the world is just beginning to see the great benefits.

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