Latest Technology in Cancer Detection

International Journal of Cancer Studies & Research (IJCR) ISSN:2167-9118
Technologies, in every sphere of life, are evolving, creating a great impact in the life of every common man. As and as the technologies are increasing, there is also increase in attracting great miseries, to human as well as many living organisms. One, such prevailing misery throughout the world is Cancer. Cancer has many forms and is prevailing into any source of living forms. The only form to reduce the Cancer growth, is to prevent it in the earliest stages. If proper knowledge is provided t the growing population, a great change can be observed, and cancer can be reduced. In order to increase the scope, many educational institutions such as schools till research institutes, have introduced topics regarding Cancer studies . Cancer research is an ongoing process 24X7. Basically, cancer topics evolves from Tumor Science, wherein, studies from basic to high level research can be explained and framed, so that based on this knowledge, we can proceed further in curing cancer. Theoretical knowledge about Cancer can be understood through Cancer and Tumor Sciene, and in order to understand the various therapies, and preventive measures, it can be possible through Cancer Technology. Nowadays, promotion of Cancer studies and Technology, are mainly done through various Publication houses. One such publication house, wherein novel research details regarding cancer, are available, is at SciDoc Publishers LLC, USA. Various research, review based articles on different types of Cancer are available at SciDoc Publishers.

International Journal of Cancer Studies & Research (IJCR) ISSN:2167-9118 is a comprehensive, peer reviewed journal devoted to cancer studies and research. IJCR, published by SciDoc is an open access journal that includes high quality papers, which covers all major areas of Cancer and its related fields. SciDoc with its Open Access publication model spreads all the day-to-day developments and research to readers around the world.

IJCR intends to provide researchers in the field of Cancer, with the latest developments which can save millions of lives worldwide. Identifying and protecting new cancer discoveries could form the basis of new diagnostics, therapeutics or changing technologies from the research of leading international researchers.

International Journal of Cancer Studies & Research provides a platform for all the scholars whose expertise lies in Cancer and its related fields. Cancer research has been expanding, each and every second, and the technology arose, guides us in providing details regarding the various treatments to cure cancer, the chemotherapy response, therapeutic uses such as the cancer vaccines.

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