What You Need To Know When You're Fighting Cancer

The word cancer by itself in verbal conversation can strike terror in the hearts of those talking. It’s hard for someone not diagnosed with cancer to understand the gravity of the situation. Regardless of whether the cancaer is treatable, operable or terminal, such a diagnosis is life changing. In the following article, you’ll find suggestions on how to cope with those changes.

Being an active partner in developing your cancer treatment plan is the most effective way to help your doctors recommend what is right for you. Be constantly aware of your situation and always ask questions. You’ll be worse for it in the end.

It is true that you want to do everything good for your body to help prevent cancer from developing, including staying active and exercising as much as you can. Your heart rate rises during physical activities and your body starts to sweat. Your body becomes cleaner and your chances of developing cancer are significantly lower.

Always take a stand when you need to. There are many myths concerning cancer. Some people think it is contagious or that you can no longer function in the work place. By thinking about these answers in advance, you will be better prepared when these questions arise. It can help with the perception that others have of you and your condition during your treatment plan.

There is a strong link between alcohol consumption and cancer. Excessive alcohol use has been linked with an increased risk of particular cancers. If you drink excessively, you’re more likely to get mouth cancer, throat cancer or cancer of the esophagus. Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum if you must drink it at all.

There may be someone in your friends or family that also suffers from the pains of cancer. If you do know someone like this, you should listen to any advice they may offer and take it to heart. It can be hard sometimes, but your loved ones need to be able to express what they are feeling. Be sensitive about the opinions you provide; not everyone suffers from the same things or sees the outcome in the same manner, but that shouldn’t matter.

Each day, eat the recommended three meals. You may not have much of an appetite after treatment but you need to keep your stomach full in order for the medications to do their work safely. Eat starches if you find it difficult to keep your food down. The high nutrition of fresh vegetables and fruit is ideal during this time as well.

Make sure that you are aware of, and understand, which symptoms could point towards cancer. By having the ability to know the time you are in risk, you have a better ability in reading the symptoms.

When you accompany a cancer patient to his doctor’s appointments, don’t hold yourself back from asking the doctor questions about the disease or treatment plan. It is important that you take interest in this condition and learn more about what you can do to help.

If you have received a diagnosis of cancer, there are many ways to find help. You can change your habits to help yourself, find support from friends, and speak with other cancer patients. The article above has give you information that you can use to combat cancer.

Is There Any Benefit In Apricot Seeds?

Apricot kernels are, like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious and sometimes controversial. Reason is that one of the nutrients they contain is called amygdalin, which is also known as vitamin B17. Amygdalin attacks cancer cells, which helps in preventing cancer.

There are a number of foods which contain amygdalin but ones that are particularly rich in amygdalin have disappeared to a large extent from our Western diet. People throughout the world who still eat a diet rich in foods containing amygdalin have been found to be largely free from cancer. One of the best and easiest ways to ensure amygdalin in your diet is with raw apricot seeds.

There are a few ways to fight cancer. One way to do this is to build up the immune system so that it is very strong. This is very important because once the immune system gets overwhelmed, this is when bad things happen and one of the bad things that happens is cancer. Another way to protect yourself is with antioxidants which fight carcinogens in the body. Antioxidents help in cellular reproduction. Amygdalin is unique in that it directly attacks cancer cells.

Amygdalin does have a poison locked away in it – one of its constituents is cyanide, and this is where the controversy lays. Before you rush to judgement, please read on as to how this actually works. The apricot seed is unique in that the cyanide is locked into the amygdalin compound, which is chemically inert and harmless to normal living tissue. Example, consider common salt (sodium chloride). But this common salt also has locked away in it a poison – chlorine. If you consumed too much salt at one time you would be become ill. The salt that everyone should be using is Himlayan salt, it actually contains nutrients. This is true of any substance, and would equally apply to apricot kernels, but realize that amygdalin is less toxic than salt and sugar.

Our bodies are creating cancer cells all the time which can be a scary though, but normally the immune system deals and defeats them. There are times, for various reasons, that the body can come under extreme or regular exposure to carcinogens, that the cancer cells multiply at such a rate they become too great for the immune system to handle. This is where amygdalin is so unique in that it works alongside the immune system and attacks the cancer cells directly. Going back to the cyanide issue, the key is an enzyme called rhodanese. Cancer cells have within them this enzyme which unlocks the poison in the amygdalin, and in this way the cancer cells are destroyed. Healthy cells do not contain rhodanese. They contain different enzyme which unlocks the amygdalin and releases nutrients and also a neutralizing agent which makes the amygdalin ineffective and therefore will not harm the healthy cell. Any poison that escapes into the bloodstream is quickly neutralized.

For those who have never eaten raw apricot seeds, there may be a requiring of the taste as they do have some slight bitterness. This is due to the amygdalin / vitamin b17 in the seed or as it is sometimes called, the apricot kernel. It’s a good idea to have a little bit of food in your stomach when consuming large amounts of apricot seeds. Another way to minimize
the chance of nausea is to eat certain fruits that contain nitrilosides which include peaches, apricots, plums, apples, nectarines, cherries and pears. These fruits will help neutralize the small traces of beta-glucosidase present in the saliva, stomach and intestines which can bring on the nausea.

For those who have had their body poisoned by chemotherapy and/or radiation, this has zapped your immune system immensely and you really need to look at getting supplements to strengthen your system back up. Juicing with carrot/spinach juice is an excellent means to naturally enhance your system. There are a few good natural products available to get you back on the road to good health and repair the compromised immune system.

There are b17 tablets that can be taken along with the apricot kernels and there is also amygdalin available in injectable form for those who are in a particular stage of cancer. The b17 tablets are derived from the apricot seed and can be used for both prevention and treatment of cancer.

You may want to consider incorporating apricot seeds/b17 into your diet. I heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The cost for treating cancer with conventional medicine is in the multi-thousands, but living cancer free is priceless.

Diet And Cancer

Diet And Cancer.

It is important to eat well if you are receiving chemotherapy treatment. It is not always easy to eat at this time, chemo and cancer both can affect your appetite. Eating a balanced diet will help you to be able to tolerate treatment and will help support your recovery.

If you do something as simple as switching from whole or 2% milk to low-fat options like 1% or skim milk, you can prevent cancer, because simply eating healthier is one of your best lines of defense. Cutting the fat and cholesterol from your diet here means that you’re going to live an all-around healthier and hopefully cancer-free life.

Decrease the amount of red (such as lamb, pork, and beef) and processed meats in your diet. Studies have shown that red meat can increase your chances of getting cancer. If you do buy red meat, make sure that it is lean meat. You don’t have to remove red meat from your diet, just limit it.

The lack of fruits and vegetables in our diet increases our risk of forming certain cancers, such as cancers of the stomach, lung, and colon. With the wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables available and the delicious ways to prepare them, more people should try making these natural cancer-fighters a bigger part of their daily diet.

To prevent cancer, try and eat a balanced diet that is thought to reduce cancer risks, especially colon cancer. This diet includes eating less than four ounces of red meat a day, avoiding processed meats like bologna, eating a variety of non-starchy fruits and vegetables and avoiding excessive amounts of sugar.

Nutrition can play a key role in helping a cancer patient rev up their immune system and stay strong. Experts recommend a healthy diet that is rich in plant-based products, including lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and quality whole grains. Minimize processed foods and refined sugars, and try to limit meat and dairy to just one-third of your total caloric intake.

A balanced diet is imperative for preventing cancer. A diet that is high in cholesterol and fat, especially the fat from animals, has been linked to causing colon cancer. A balanced diet that includes high fiber foods such as fruits, grains, and vegetables, can decrease the risk of colon cancer.

Many herbal supplements are on the market and when diagnosed with cancer you may want to turn to some of them for their additional benefits. They can help the immune system and strengthen the body’s natural defenses. However, be sure to consult your doctor or a professional in the herbal field before adding herbal supplements to your diet.

Older adults are at higher risk for developing certain types of cancer. Approximately 75% of cancers are diagnosed in people aged 55 and older. As the risk rises, so does the importance of staying healthy and physically fit. Regular doctor visits, normal body weight, a healthy diet, self-exams and cancer screening tests can all help to reduce the risk.

Eating the right foods and exercising frequently can actually help to prevent cancer. By not exercising or by eating the wrong foods, you are increasing your risk of becoming obese. Obesity is a common cause of cancer and is something that can easily be prevented. Try eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Health Hazards in Your Home

The EPA has found that the air quality inside most condos and houses is three times as bad as the air quality outside in terms of pollution and harmful fumes and gasses. Most home and condo owners aren’t aware of this fact, but they are probably aware of the way this type of pollution makes them feel in terms of health. Everything from breathing problems, allergies, headaches, nausea and even in some cases the possibility of increased risk of cancer can result from being exposed to certain chemicals commonly found in the home and in home furnishings and finishes. To improve both your health and quality of life, not to mention the environment, you need to know what items could pose a potential threat, especially if you’re buying an older condo or house and want to renovate or remodel it yourself.

Pressed wood products are one of the most serious offenders when it comes to toxic emissions in the home. Pressed wood can include such building materials as particle board, paneling and some types of insulation. The problem stems from the glue that is used to hold the pressed wood products together. The idea of using wood scraps that would have otherwise been landfill is great in theory and still is, but the older glue gave off formaldehyde, which is highly irritating at the least and can cause allergic reactions, respiratory illness and possibly some forms of cancer.

Because of raised awareness about these potentially dangerous substances and the growing trend in green building, most new construction condos like these http://www.bestchicagocondos.com/new-construction-condos/index.html have fewer hazardous materials than older homes. You can even go a few steps further and check out the eco-friendly Chicago real estate developments that have LEED certification.

Though there are a lot more regulations now days to control the levels of formaldehyde in wood glue, you need to be aware of any pressed wood products that may be in older condos or houses that you purchase or move into. Wood paneling, kitchen or bath cabinets or even particle boards used in construction can still pose health problems. One bright spot is that the older the pressed wood product is, the less formaldehyde it gives off. Humid air and smaller condo rooms or houses make the problem worse. So the best thing is to try and find out how old the house or condo is you live in or are buying and if any pressed wood is present. Paneling and cabinets can be replaced and might be the best idea in the long run.

Another big culprit of indoor pollution is the VOCs or volatile organic compounds that new carpeting emits or off-gasses. Again it is the glue and dye in the carpeting that contains chemicals that can irritate people. The highest amount of VOCs will be off-gassed right after laying new carpeting. One way to avoid this is stay out of your condo or house for a couple of days after new carpeting is installed and air the rooms out before coming back for good. You can also shop for carpeting that has lower levels of VOCs in the materials.

Probably most people have heard of the dangers of lead paint. Unless your condo or home was painted before 1978 you most likely don’t have anything to worry about. Today paint in the United States contains no lead. But if you do believe and the paint is flaking or you need to scrape it or sand it to repaint, then there is a serious danger of tiny lead particles being thrown into the air and inhaled.

Even in small doses lead can cause major health problems for adults and especially for children and pregnant women. Everything from damage to brain cells and your nervous system can result from exposure, and if children pick up the paint chips and eat them it can be even more harmful. If you’ve bought an older condo with the intention of remodeling and suspect there is lead paint present, then you should hire a professional to remove it in a safe way.

Another source of potential health problems is the chemicals used in making such items as draperies, furniture coverings, mattresses, televisions, computers and even some pajamas resistant to fire. Flame retardants are probably a necessary evil and can slow fires giving a homeowner a chance to escape and survive. But they contain PBDEs or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, which are given off into the air and inhaled or even ingested. When inside your body, they stay there and can possibly impair your memory, cause learning problems in children, decrease fertility and cause thyroid problems. Cancer is even a possibility. Some forms of PBEDs have been discontinued since 2004, but the old products that contained them are still present in some homes and the one type that is still in use is suspected of causing similar health issues.

By familiarizing yourself with potential hazardous building materials and chemicals in furnishings you can reduce your exposure and improve the quality of your indoor air and life. Both your body and the environment will thank you for it.

Tips On How To Lower Your Chances On Getting Cancer

Most of us will inevitably go through our lives without stressing too much over diseases like cancer. We all know that being a worrywart is just a waste of time. However, some people outright avoid learning about cancer because it’s a road they refuse to travel down. You cannot have this attitude. You should always learn about the topic, and here is some great information on it.

When you are diagnosed with cancer and begin treatment, it is important to prepare yourself for the possible physical changes that may take place. Ask your doctor what the potential side effects are for any treatments he recommends. Then prepare yourself by gathering information about resources for clothing, makeup, wigs and other items that can help you feel more comfortable.

There is large concern over high death rates due to tobacco addiction. For those who can’t quit on their own, state Medicaid programs are increasing coverage for tobacco dependence. Although higher levels of coverage as well as coverage for pregnant women are needed, Medicaid is well on its way to offering help to those dependent on tobacco products.

Laughter is a great way to cope with cancer. Many people find it hard to find humor in their life after they have been diagnosed with cancer but if you have humor in your life, you will feel stronger overall. The more you laugh the better chance you have of fighting the cancer.

Be cautious of contracting a bacterial infection when you’re receiving chemotherapy. After a week or so into the treatment, you can spike a brutal fever and even become septic (blood poisoning). Be very aware of what’s going on with your body in order to keep your strength and health up.

Cancer is a word that most people dread hearing all their lives. Many don’t even get regular check-ups for fear of this word. But by taking advantage of the latest cancer screening tests, such as mammography and colonoscopy, you will give yourself the best odds of never having to hear the dreaded “C” word!

It is important to eat well when you are battling any form of cancer. When you are receiving treatment, you may feel nauseous or weak. There are certain foods that you can eat to feel less ill or to feel stronger throughout the day. You need to learn what those foods are and eat them on a regular basis.

Having cancer is not in the least bit funny, but being able to laugh can be a great asset when dealing with your diagnosis. Laughter reduces stress, minimizes pain, and can help your body heal. Try to make time for laughter by watching a funny show or movie, reading a funny book, or playing games with friends that make you laugh.

Just because you’re learning about how to prevent and how to treat cancer, that in no way means that you have to stress over catching it or worry about every little item you’re putting into your body. Put your fears aside for a minute and take the time to learn about your options. Remember what you’ve read here and be prepared to use it if the time ever comes.

Acid Reflux Symptoms – What Are They?

Acid reflux symptoms are characterized by a burning-type of pain that occurs in the lower part of the mid-chest section. The burning sensation usually attacks behind the breastbone, as well as in the middle of the abdomen. While some people experience acid reflux symptoms on occasion, there are others who face daily discomfort, which often marks complications or a greater issue.

The first thing to do is find out what exactly causes the acid reflux syndrome. Acid reflux is usually caused by the acid that is normally found in the stomach going back up to the esophagus. The acid can burn the esophagus and causes a person suffers from heartburn, or nausea. People still tend to experience reflux after large meals. It is very important that you consult a doctor if you experience acid reflux symptoms. Problems can lead to sustain other serious health problems such as erosive esophagitis, esophageal problems and some cases of esophageal cancer. The most common thing happens when the acid reflux is left untreated, can cause the acid in the esophagus and stomach, that many other problems.

Listed below are some acid reflux symptoms you may encounter:

1) Dysphagia. Dysphagia is defined as having trouble swallowing. The reason this symptom occurs with acid reflux is because the acids in the stomach cause damage to the esophogal tube. When the esophogal tube is damaged, it can make swallowing difficult.

2) Heartburn. This is most commonly known symptom of acid reflux, also called acid indigestion. It takes the form of a burning pain or discomfort, which you feel somewhere at the top of your stomach, or higher up in your abdomen and chest. Sometimes the pain can even be felt in your throat. As you can see from this description, heartburn is not actually related to the heart.

3) Acid Regurgitation. This is a very uncomfortable symptom, which you may know as the taste or feeling of acid leaving the stomach and moving upwards into the esophagus, sometimes far as the mouth. It can produce a burning, sour or bitter feeling, together with what’s known as an “wet burp.” It’s even possible that in some cases you may vomit some of your stomach contents.

4) Acid Regurgitation. This is a very uncomfortable symptom, which you may know as the taste or feeling of acid leaving the stomach and moving upwards into the esophagus, sometimes far as the mouth. It can produce a burning, sour or bitter feeling, together with what’s known as an “wet burp.” It’s even possible that in some cases you may vomit some of your stomach contents.

5) Dyspepsia. Dyspepsia is a word that we use to mean indigestion, but in fact, medically, it’s a generalized term for discomfort in the area of the stomach, and therefore covers symptoms such as burping, feeling nauseous after you’ve eaten, feeling bloated or full, and more especially experiencing discomfort or pain in the abdomen.

6) Heartburn. This is most commonly known symptom of acid reflux, also called acid indigestion. It takes the form of a burning pain or discomfort, which you feel somewhere at the top of your stomach, or higher up in your abdomen and chest. Sometimes the pain can even be felt in your throat. As you can see from this description, heartburn is not actually related to the heart.

Acid reflux is something that must be tackled immediately. If you have any of these symptoms, give your doctor a call to discuss your options. There are somethings that you can do to prevent acid reflux symptoms, such as not eating a heavy meal late in the evening, and not lying flat on your back after such a meal.

Acne And Birth Control Pills: An Odd Couple

Although it is fairly well known that women may develop acne at different times during pregnancy, there is another curious fact that you may not be aware of.

Did you know that birth control pills could come in handy as a treatment for acne? Strange as it may seem, this is actually true, as a result you could ultimately find yourself going to your gynecologist for advice on how to treat your acne. So it turns out that certain aspects of acne need not concern a dermatologist!

Acne and birth control pills, how on earth does this work? Well, here is the story. The fact is that birth control pills have a number of uses. If you have been struggling with your acne problem and feel that you have exhausted every possible treatment option, there is hope for you yet. Birth control pills have come to the rescue, and what is more, using them in small quantities for the treatment of acne has actually been approved by the FDA!!

Birth control pills to control acne? The fact is that birth control pills are pretty versatile and have been found effective in controlling eruptions of acne. If that sounds unlikely, check out the facts for yourself. It may come as a pleasant surprise that birth control pills are effective in retarding the production of androgen before the onset of menstruation. That is pretty useful, considering that androgen makes the skin greasy, exposing you to an increased risk of developing acne.

Diane 35 is one such product, normally used for birth control, but also effective in treating acne, especially used along with topical antibacterial creams. Did you know that birth control pills can also help to minimize the unpleasant effects of estrogen, such as breast tenderness, nausea and headaches?

A wish come true for acne problems? All this is probably pretty good news for you if you suffer from acne. But before you get completely carried away with the notion that you have found the perfect solution to deal with your acne problem, stop and take stock. Because, as is the case with most things, there is a flip side to this wonderful news.

If you think that this is the perfect way to deal with your acne, there are a few facts that you should consider before you do anything drastic. The fact is that while birth control pills do offer a number of health benefits, in using them to control your acne, you could actually be exposing yourself to greater risks. So stop short and ask yourself whether your acne is really worth it.

A godsend for acne, not so fast! While you are marveling at your new discovery, you should also be aware of the grim truth. Because by using birth control pills to fight your acne, you could be endangering your health in other ways. Did you know that this seemingly wonderful choice will increase your chances of developing strokes, heart attacks, breast cancer and blood clots? And that is not all, you also have to cope with side effects that are decidedly unpleasant. Vaginal bleeding, depression, fluid retention etc.

Acne treatments, beware of side effects. Would you say that is a rather heavy price to pay, simply because you are looking for a solution to cure your acne? And while you are coping with these side effects, the acne will still be there, improving perhaps, but playing havoc with your system because of your choice of treatment. Spironolactone and corticosteroids are two choices that you would be better off without if you are looking to cure your acne problem.

However, if you are pregnant, be careful. While you are concentrating on how your acne is responding to it, your male fetus may actually be developing feminine characteristics. As far as corticosteroids are concerned, there is no guarantee of success in treating your acne this way. You may even find that it is getting worse.

Faced with such critical issues, the best thing you can do is to seek the advice of your dermatologist and your doctor. Both should be able to help you find the best way out of your acne problem.

Puppy Food Strategies – Exposed – Don't Let Your Dog Die Young!

The stunning truth about commercial dog food and dog health! Do you know the dog food you are feeding your pet might be a reason for early death? The number one cause of dog sickness can be commissioned to commercial dog food. Your charming best buddy may already be on the path to suffering a slow and excruciating death!

The information contained within “Dog Food Secrets” eBook is awfully graphic and worrying. However it may be the sole info that would save and prolong the life of your pet by over 100%! Learn which dog foods still contain up to 6 deadly chemicals that’ve been banned from human foods due to causing cancer and lots of other sicknesses.

Discover the dog food systems that major dog food companies don’t want you to know. The fact is that the life span of your dog can be increased by as much as eight years just by changing the food. Also, many unwanted dog behaviour issues can be solved just by changing the diet of your dog.

Leading veterinarians and dog health professionals agree that many dog foods are deficient in key nutriments. Feeding such foods to your dog causes it to be very susceptible to its environment. By not eating enough natural foods your dog’s adrenal glands become unable to supply enough cortisol. This is an imperative hormone required for a dog to be healthy and to be well placed to resist illness.

If you want your dog to live a long and satisfied life, you should do the following three things beginning today :

1. Stop feeding your dog with commercial dog food until you learn which are not harmful to your dog.

2. Learn how to translate the nutritive labels on commercial dog foods.

3. Start feeding your dog with well balanced, healthy homemade foods.

The way your dog performs everyday tasks, how he / she feels and acts are the best measurements of the quality of the food. “Dog Food Secrets” educates you about how to keep your dog healthy and cheerful. Any questions you will have about dog health are answered in this extraordinary electronic book. You also get a free mini-course that contains dog health tips and gourmand recipes so that you may provide your dog with a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Ultimately, you are the one answerable for giving the best care you know how. Remember just because your dog isn’t bitching, it doesn’t always mean you are doing the honest thing.

Massage Therapist Little Elm TX: What Science Says About Massage Therapy

If you have ever tried massage therapy provided by a licensed massage therapist in Little Elm TX, you know how relaxing an experience it was and that, in addition to loosening stiff, achy muscles, it also gave you a feeling of well-being that lasted well beyond the massage itself. Massage has been used for thousands of years in almost every culture to soothe muscles and soft tissue. References to massage therapy have been found in ancient writings from China, Japan, India and Egypt. In the modern era, massage has been the subject of much research into its effects – both good and bad.
The National Institutes of Health have conducted a majority of the research and have found that, while some of the results are conflicting, massage therapy can be helpful in reducing pain and other symptoms associated with many physical conditions while having very few risks when practiced by a trained practitioner.
Pain – The NIH found that massage therapy is useful in treating chronic, low-back pain, neck pain, pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee and suggests that massage may help with pain relief for women in labor.
Cancer – Clinical studies suggest that, at least for the short term, massage therapy can help to reduce pain, promote relaxation and reduce depression; however, caution is urged for therapists in massaging patients whose skin has been damaged by radiation, areas with a blood clot and areas directly over a tumor.
HIV/AIDS – Four small, clinical trials suggest that massage can improve the quality of life for HIV and AIDS patients.
Fibromyalgia – A 2010 review concluded that massage can help to reduce pain, fatigue and some of the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia provided the therapist is skilled enough not to cause more pain with massage.
Mental Health – An analysis of 17 clinical trials showed that massage helped to alleviate depression. Massage may also help older people to relax.
Infant Care – Massaging of preterm infants using moderate pressure may improve their weight gain. No benefits to healthy infants have been found.
Researchers are continuing to study the effects of massage therapy on children with autism spectrum disorders, women with breast cancer, post-surgical heart patients, diabetics and children with asthma.
In general, the NIH has determined that the beneficial effects of massage therapy are temporary and the therapy has to be repeated for a patient to continue getting relief from aches and pains. That’s why it’s important for you to make and keep your appointments with your massage therapist in Little Elm TX. At Tieperman Health & Wellness, you’ll find a massage therapist in Little Elm TX who cares about relieving your pain for a happier, healthier life. Call Tieperman to schedule an appointment at 214-705-1799 and visit www.tiepermanhealth.com to learn more about massage therapy and the other services we offer.
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